… to offer peace, to bring a smile on someone’s face, to say the words of healing, to let go of anger and resentment, to forgive, to love!!

And today, 8th September, is also the World Literacy Day. As the summer winds down and September approaches, almost everyone gets a “back-to-” feeling; not only do kids go back to school but work gets busier and a fresh feeling of starting over sets in. September is the perfect time for a fresh start – time to embrace learning and try something new, whether it be going back to school, upgrading your skills or learning a new activity, or starting a BLOG!

So, here I am trying to give voice to my thoughts. You know, most of us Indians have a simple rule in our lives – good things to be started on a shubh mahurat (meaning, Auspicious Hour). Be it marriages, business, Pooja on Diwali…etc, etc. Being the true Indian that I am and having mahurat clock etched into me by my Mommy, I had been waiting for the mahurat to start blogging since very long now. Well, that mahurat never came but this day did. In any case, I doubt I can think of a better day to start blogging (mind you, my birthday is never that special. My birthday month June is so so so hot here in Delhi. But the worst part is that all the exam results come then… From being happy to being depressed in seconds, that’s how I spend my birthday. Not special!).

Coming to World Literacy Day, this year the Theme is “reading in the past, writing in the future”, focussing on innovation. The world has been changing– but the determination to provide every woman and man with the skills, capacities and opportunities to become everything they wish, in dignity and respect, remains as firm as ever. Literacy is a foundation to build a more sustainable future for all. So here’s what each one of us can do to celebrate this day today – the Literacy Day challenge!!

1. Read a book to a child.

2. Have a child read a book to an adult.

3. Start a blog

4. Take a professional development course.

5. Join a social media platform – Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (If you haven’t already, duh!)

6. Write a letter to an old friend – the snail mail way!

7. Share this list with friends and coworkers – and dare them to take the challenge!

8. Play a game of Scrabble

9. Look up and learn a new word (and continue to do so every day for a month!)

10. Use a new form of technology.

And guys not to forget,