Disclaimer:  I have nothing personal/political/economic vendetta against the US or any of its presidential candidates. I solemnly swear that I am just a student who is acutely interested in the forthcoming elections mainly because one, its elections in the USA and the world can’t just ignore it. And two, Donald Trump is making news for all wrong reasons and it’s absolute fun how he is not mortified at all the hullabaloo surrounding him. Peace!

Here in India, the elections in the USA have become less than a reality TV show. I mean come on, its got everything…the snides, the jokes, abuses and fights, the fainting, some secret tape leak…just about everything it takes to make a spicy and high TRP worth reality show as per Indian standards.

Actually, in India, any well read and aware person will have something to say about the impending elections in the US. Our own reasons and explanations as to who ‘deserves to’ win and who shouldn’t. Being a student, I do happen who roam around in Delhi, mainly due to my work and projects. I do meet quite a few people daily. If not directly speaking to them, I do enjoy listening to their random conversations. and one such topic, common these days, is who is the better option for India? Trump or Clinton? A valid question… even though we are not direct stakeholders in this election, we sure as hell are avidly following the turn of events, criticizing both candidates as well. So this is me throwing in my two cents and giving my views on who is ‘slightly’  better for India. Before advancing further in this blog, I request you to read the disclaimer once again.


Actually, both are disasters for India. But Trump may be a lesser disaster, for the following reasons.

First, Republicans have traditionally been less anti-India than Democrats. Pressures on Kashmir and other issues will be lower under Republicans than Democrats. Hillary will keep lecturing us on sorting out the Kashmir issue, while Trump, with some business interests in Indian real estate, could moderate his views.

Second, Trump may go for some protectionist measures against Indian IT, but the Democrats under President Obama have been equally focused on making life harder for us. Hillary Clinton is unlikely to roll back the massive hike in visa fees for software professionals, or end the restrictions being imposed on Indian IT companies. Trump is unlikely to do anything worse.

Third, Trump is more anti-jihad than Clinton, and this means we may actually get more backing from him against Pakistan (or China) than his Democratic rival. The Clinton Foundation has received funds from major Islamic states, including Saudi Arabia and UAE, including Qatar, which backs terrorist organisations such as Hamas. So it is anybody’s guess how strong Hillary’s anti-terror stance will be. It may be as weak as President Obama’s – under whose nose we saw jihadi forces growing in strength, including the barbaric Islamic State. West Asian money flows covertly to the jihadis, and Clinton as a recipient of their money is worrisome.

Fourth, his win will, most likely, bring to limelight, the hypocritical nature of US politics – where human and religious rights are used as a cover handles to meddle in the affairs of the rest of the world, and especially India.

A Trump victory will enable the world to see the real America – the country that has emerged as substantially racist, misogynist, and bigoted in many of its red-neck states. Under Clinton, this racism would be covert; under Trump it won’t be.

Trump faces huge opposition within his own party and the rest of America because he may bare the real face of that part of America that is bigoted.

However, Trump’s win seems unlikely at the moment. There are few who would appreciate his sexist remarks against the entire female gender. That, he would have dated Ivanka Trump- his daughter, because she has a “great body” does say a lot about his thoughts and beliefs and ideas. Feel free to throw up your food …


However, his chances of a win are pretty bleak. His recently leaked tape is very offensive and lewd towards women. If I have just made you curious about this video…here it is. Go, check it out!

All India can do is wait for the elections and be wary of whoever comes to power. Needless to say, the geopolitics is bound to change! Who knows if USA will remain the ‘superpower’ or if its on a path of self destruction.

Let me know what you guys think of the elections in the US. Comment below!