Anyone who has been to Delhi in the last decade and a half would definitely know about one of Delhi’s headlining acts, the Delhi Metro. There are people who travel through the Metro every day, and people who travel through it once in a blue moon. Either ways, no matter how short a duration you have boarded the Metro for, you would have definitely come across a variety of people, many of which would be irksome. Here are the 10 types of people you’re bound to come across during your Metro ride. While you may love them or hate them, you most certainly cannot ignore them…

1. The Size Zero Brigade

We understand it is wrong to discriminate against anyone because of their physical features but we fail to understand why anyone would think they’re tiny enough to literally fit within one square inch of seating space! The Metro seat isn’t magical like the ones in Ron Weasly’s car in the Harry Potter series, and it won’t extend according to the number of people. So please, don’t ask anyone to ‘adjust thoda sa’!

2. The Peepers

‘Respect privacy’ is a phrase often used but rarely practiced, especially in the Delhi Metro. There will always be that one aunty who, like in real life, would be more interested in reading your text conversations than minding her own business. Because, there is no delight like being an audience to a conversation between two people you know nothing about!

3.The Stink Club Members

It’s okay to skip the daily shower once in a while, preferably in the winters, because everyone gets lazy. This is where we would like to introduce our friend, the deodorant – a simple spray for the days when contact with water is avoided. Sadly, a lot of people are unaware of this invention and go on for days with bodily elements (read: sweat) oozing out of them. What’s worse is that they also forget that people have been gifted with the sense of smell, and body odor can be a teensy bit of a problem.

4. The Dare Devils

Every single time you take the metro, you come across these macho men who are all for defying rules. They very conveniently choose to ignore the multiple blindingly-bright pink stickers plastered on the platform which say ‘women only’. It probably is their definition of ‘aaj kuch toofani karte hain’, while they get cursed by every woman in the women’s coach and get pulled away.

5. The Door Lovers

Everybody knows which category of people we are talking about here. As soon as these people enter the metro, they look for a spot right next to the door, and irrespective of how less breathable space there is, they don’t move an inch. They are the next bunch of toofani people who’d rather get crushed in the stampede than leave their spot at the door! Even at stations like Rajiv Chowk and Yamuna Bank, this person prefers holding his breathe over moving aside. No matter how many people board or de-board, the door lovers would hold on to their spot throughout the journey.

6. The Dutiful Parents

Kids are messengers of God, the ones who are the most special out of the entire human race. But that does not, in any world, mean that anyone should let them loose in the metro! Not only is it unsafe, but also making a playroom out of the Metro, running over everyone’s feet, shouting and screaming makes even those people who love children roll their eyes. And a special request to those women who think that the metro is an acceptable place to change their baby’s diapers – Please don’t do the same. It’s smelly and an unpleasing sight. Please. Just please! 

7. The Serial Eaters

Everybody knows about the constant voice, telling us about every upcoming station and repeatedly telling us about the rules that need to be followed while in the Metro. One of those are – Metro mein khaana, peena va dhoomrapaan varjit hai (Eating, drinking and smoking in the Metro is prohibited); and yet we see these people munching (that too abnormally loudly) and dropping food and wrappers wherever they go. We would love to bring to the notice of these people that not only does the smell of food make some people nauseous, but it is also overwhelming enough to make others hungry.

8. The Rule Breakers

Yaatriyon se anurodh hai ki ve farsh par na baithen (travellers are prohibitively noted to not sit on the floor of the Metro train), this rule has no significance in the Metro-riders’ dictionary. Be it a women’s coach or general coach if they don’t get a seat they’ll sit on the floor ignoring the announcement and inconvenience of fellow passengers.

9. The Beauty Queens and Kings

As soon as the metro goes underground, all eyes turn to the glass windows. Nothing can be more coordinated than this -eyes on the mirror and hands styling the hair- movement that happens simultaneously, as soon as the metro windows become reflective mirrors, under the ground. Also, if one wants to see the latest fashion trends of Delhi, then metro is the best place. You’ll see the hot divas in metro, the sophisticated of the lot, carrying themselves perfectly and manages to bear 6”inch high heels, while checking their mascara and gloss on glass doors of metros. 


10. Pole Dancers

Taking support is different and leaning on the pole is different. Some girls not just wrap their hands but whole body around the pole, leaving absolutely no space for others to hold it for support. 

Despite having a constant love-hate relationship with the Metro and the people who travel in it, it continues and will continue to be the lifeline of a significant portion of Delhi’s population. The convenience and ease that the Delhi Metro offers would always overpower all of its cons. We would continue to love the Delhi Metro with all our heart.
Image Source: Google